Rising Sun

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The sun is peeking up over the back of the couch and shining into my eyes. It might be unpleasant if it wasn’t so gentle. It’s on the wall across the room and brightening the sky out the south-facing window. I love many things about this house but the way the sun comes in is high on the list.

I am surprised at how little I miss Lucas Street. I thought I loved so many things about that house too. And I did. I know I did. I guess it’s just like I once loved best friends I rarely think of now, or spent endless hours on hobbies I now recall participating in with a dreamlike sense of disbelief. Did I really do those things?

The only way to be happy is to love what’s in front of you now. To persist in loving a house I can’t live in anymore would mean dragging that sadness with me through every day here.

To be honest though, I sometimes worry I’m a little too good at the moving on thing.


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It’s coming down in a slow, steady drift. Weather alerts warn of slick roads. It is cozy to sit inside and watch the flakes drift down before the faded tree trunks and rusty leaves that still cling to mostly bare branches. Our little dead-end street is almost always quiet. But the snow muffles what little sound there is.

I have been working on my epic fantasy series this morning. Sometimes it feels like I will never finish. It’s been over a decade of work so far. And still not even the first book is entirely ready for publication.

That’s not to say I haven’t made progress though. And I know the deal. If I keep steadily chipping away, I’ll get there someday.

The Most Important Post

I have decided to start a new practice. Because obviously another website is just what I needed in my life.