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I never knew watching birds was such a popular pastime until recently. Our new house is near a train track that doubles as a wildlife corridor. As a result we seem to have a greater variety of birds in the yard.

Or maybe we don’t. It could actually be that we’re so happy to have windows again, we’re looking outside a lot more than we used to. Or that we so rarely leave the house now, we have more attention to spare for the small changes just outside the door.

Whatever the case, we got curious, bought a book, and discovered a rich community of passionate people who care an awful lot about seeing birds. And like with so many things, the more you learn on this topic, the more there is to discover.

The landscape outside is frozen solid and covered in snow. The entire world is still under the thumb of a raging pandemic. Based on many measures, life now is a lot more limited than it was a year ago.

But the birds don’t know about any of this. Perhaps that’s why its soothing to watch them. They can remind us that when choices seem limited, looking up can do a lot to change your perspective.