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They’re great when they’re real. The keyboard kind, in particular, is really useful. Lately they’ve stopped working on one of my favorite apps. It is driving me insane. But the truth is my annoyance at the lack of the working shortcut is what’s costing me the most time. I’m used to my keyboard shortcuts, I rely on them, and when they don’t work I get thrown for a loop.

But the truth about life is that most shortcuts are illusions. You think you’re getting somewhere faster but in truth you’re either working harder or skipping important steps. Sometimes working harder is worth it. If you’re in a hurry to get to the top of the mountain and you’re in good shape, you’re not going to hurt anything by taking the steep trail instead of the switchbacks.

Skipping steps, though, will almost always comes back to haunt you IRL. And if you’re out for a hike trying to relax, rushing straight up the slope defeats the point.